Content creation and personalization

Content creation and personalization

Content is the core of our AI's knowledge, and AIsuru leverages it precisely to answer users' questions. It acts as a real knowledge database from which the AI draws to respond to user requests.

You can manage your knowledge base comprehensively from the Content section:

  • Creation of new content: if you want to teach something to the AI without using the document Import function, you can create individual contents;
  • Editing existing content: it is possible to edit existing contents to update and improve responses and make deeper customizations;
  • Removal of obsolete content: at any time, one or more contents can be deleted.

How does AIsuru answer based on my content?

AIsuru always refers to our knowledge database to answer questions.

When a user asks a question, AIsuru identifies the most suitable content to respond and, if certain of the answer, will reply to the user almost instantly.

However, when AIsuru is not sure of the answer, it will share the user's request and the identified content with our language model (like the one underlying ChatGPT), which can provide a complete and accurate response to the user.

👉 Sharing only the most useful contents allows us to minimize errors and hallucinations of the generative AI.

How can I customize the contents?

Within the content card, it is possible to adjust several settings. Let's see them in detail!

Question and answer variants

It is possible to add question and answer variants to have a fluid, natural, and never repetitive conversation.

Varianti di domande e risposte su AIsuru
Variants of questions and answers on AIsuru

Customizing the response based on user, role, location, and date

It is possible to customize responses based on:

  • User or user role: a developer can have access to more technical information on the same project compared to a manager;
  • Request location: based on the user's location, different information can be provided about procedures, events, rules, etc.;
  • Request date: based on the date the user makes a request, different information can be provided.

Customizing responses significantly increases their relevance and specificity.

Personalizzazione dei contenuti per utente/ruolo, luogo e data
Customization of content for user/role, location, and date

To each content, we can add one or more links or media (such as PDFs or images) to enrich the user experience and provide additional resources.

Conclusiveness and randomness

We can set conclusiveness and randomness differently for individual contents:

  • Conclusiveness: if a content is conclusive, AIsuru will not ask "Is there anything else you want to know?" after responding to the user's question;
  • Randomness: after a certain period, the user is defined as inactive, and AIsuru will suggest questions they can ask; a "non-random" content will not be randomly recalled by AIsuru in case of timeout.

⚙️ It is also possible to modify these settings globally for all content.

Advanced Settings

For each content, we can modify several advanced settings, including:

  • Context management: using Topics and Labels, we can customize the responses given in different contexts (e.g., "Who should I contact?" can have a different answer depending on the context);
  • Pre-formatted texts: we can show snippets of code or even execute them (in JavaScript, TypeScript, JSON, CSS, HTML/XML, bash, Python, C++/C#, PHP, and Ruby); this function opens up infinite possibilities for interface customization and execution of specific actions;
  • Timeout: if the user is inactive after asking a specific question, a new question can be automatically proposed to continue the interaction;
  • DCM integration: it is possible to link content to open badges to certify acquired skills.

How many contents can I work with?

We recommend having a maximum of 15,000 contents to obtain fast and accurate responses.

Where necessary, different vertical AIs on specific topics can be created, which we can query simultaneously within a single interface thanks to the Board of Experts.

Is there anything else I need to know?

We have seen how AIsuru allows maintaining one's knowledge base, deeply personalizing the responses given by the AI, and minimizing the possibility of errors and hallucinations.

This approach not only improves the interaction between users and AI but lays the foundation for a future where knowledge becomes increasingly a fundamental company asset.

👉 You can learn more by taking a look at knowledge import and Open Badges.