Deep Thought

Deep Thought

Deep Thought is a feature that marks a turning point for conversational AI, transcending the boundaries of traditional interactions based on prompts and immediate responses. With Deep Thought, it is possible to develop a true personal relationship with AI.

From the evolution of chatbots to AI with memory

Initially, chatbots were limited to basic functions, guiding users through predetermined paths without a real understanding or contextualization of individual needs.

With the advent of conversational AIs, greater interactivity was introduced, but still bound to instant information exchanges, without a memory of previous interactions.

Deep Thought represents the culmination of this evolution, equipping AI with a memory that allows it to remember and reflect on past conversations, turning every interaction into a personalized experience.

Natural language marketing segmentation

This feature is revolutionary for digital marketing, because it allows companies to segment their audience just by using natural language. For example, it is possible to search "Who was surprised by my product?" to obtain a group of users to contact.

This approach surpasses traditional methods based on demographic or behavioral data, offering a deeper understanding of the needs, preferences, and perceptions of users.

Companies can now identify customer segments based on specific experiences or expressed sentiments, paving the way for highly personalized marketing campaigns and targeted interventions to improve customer experience.

Privacy e controllo: priorità all'utente

Deep Thought has been designed with a strong emphasis on privacy and user control:

  • Access to individual memories is reserved exclusively for the user;
  • The user can control and delete individual memories at any time and is repeatedly notified of the recording of conversations with AI.

🔒 This system ensures that user privacy is always protected.

"Fatti noti" (le memorie) di Pensiero Profondo
Deep Thougth "Known Facts" (memories)

What's the difference with ChatGPT's memory?

Recently, ChatGPT introduced memory capabilities, which, however, have nothing to do with Deep Thought's use cases: AIsuru is a business tool that remembers conversations and allows exploiting memories for marketing purposes, integrating with external services (CRM, email marketing, and any other service that exposes APIs).

A new era for conversational AI

Deep Thought represents a true paradigm shift in conversational AI: while giving full control to users over privacy, it allows transforming every conversation into an opportunity for deeper understanding, personalization, and engagement, redefining digital marketing strategies.