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Ex Machina Italia is an Italian company based in Bologna that specializes in digital technology and innovation.

Ex Machina Italia


Ex Machina Italia is an Italian company based in Bologna that specializes in digital technology and innovation. Founded in 2020 by a group of industry experts with the goal of providing advanced technology solutions to its clients, Ex Machina Italia has created a work environment focused on innovation and the use of new and emerging technologies.

The company offers a wide range of professional services, including DevOps consulting web&mobile application development, system integration, application consulting on its target domains and products, and designing innovative solutions from a deep understanding of business processes.

Ex Machina Italia also offers its own SaaS products:

DCM - Digital Credential Manager

SaaS solution that acts as an integration middleware between legacy management systems of Universities or Training Institutions or Companies and the platforms that manage the so-called Digital Credentials - also known as Open Badges - i.e., the digital certificates awarded to students or employees when they complete a training course of any kind (ref. https://openbadges.org/ ).

The Digital Credentials ecosystem is now mature and widespread worldwide and is based on a set of open source standard protocols used in all educational contexts as a de-facto standard. Many organizations, both public and private, around the world are adopting the Digital Credentials protocol to recognize competencies acquired in the context of their internal training and human capital development processes, and Ex Machina Italia proposes a range of professional services specifically for this domain by integrating market-leading third-party platforms and specialized consulting services.

EDM - Engine Data Management

SaaS solution that supports the research and development teams of companies in the Automotive sector and the Mechanical sector in general.

EDM manages data for all assemblies composed of unique, individual mechanical parts that need to be tracked in terms of the life and usage of each individual component or part and of assemblies as a whole.

The system originated as software to support the specific activities of an "R&D" department in the engine field, but can be extended to other uses as well.

It provides for the possibility of feeding a database of "components" that can be appropriately grouped into assembly sheets (templates). With this data in the system, typically managed by the "data manager" user profile, it is possible to create bills of materials for mechanical assemblies whose components will be tested at the prototype stage. With each test, the system will appropriately record the data necessary for tracking for monitoring by the R&D team, in order then to produce reports and control statistics.

Ex Machina Italia specializes in particular on the following enabling technologies for which it offers specific packages of professional services to start up the use of the same technologies as the first step of a more structured path in the specific company and business context:

Open Badges Starter Kit


Blockchain Starter Kit


Kubernetes Starter Kit


To schedule a meeting or in-depth call, write to: info@exmitalia.it

or contact us on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/exmachinaita