Share everywhere

Share everywhere

AIsuru gives you maximum flexibility in sharing: we can share digital twins on any web page, within physical devices, and even in the metaverse - the possibilities are endless.

How to share your AI Twin

In the "Share Me" section, you can customize our AI to share in just a few clicks. We can modify:

  • Background (general and internal) and colors;
  • Language: setting a default one and activating "multilingual" to allow users who speak different languages to query the same AI;
  • Avatar: you can choose between a default avatar, a ReadyPlayerMe 3D avatar, or a custom 3D model;
  • SEO settings (search engine optimization);
  • Person or role of the users who will query our AI;
  • Initial context: it allows users to immediately access specific contents to which they would otherwise not have access;
  • Initial question: will replace our welcome message and can be enriched just like a regular content of AIsuru.

Once the various settings are set, our AI will be immediately queryable by anyone who has access through our link.

Where can I use the AI?

We can also decide to share our AI Twin within:

  • Any web page: just copy the "embed code" and paste it into our website to make it immediately usable by visitors;
  • A physical device (such as a totem or an IoT device): sharing is extremely simple (via embed code) and is ideal for offering personalized and complete experiences within fairs and events;
  • The metaverse (VR e MR): thanks to integration with the Oculus Store, it is possible to enrich interaction and learning.

👉 This solution allows the AI to be used from any device and at any time to reach users in the places they already frequent and in the ways they prefer.

Possiamo anche decidere di condividere il nostro AI Twin all'interno: Di una qualsiasi pagina web: ci basterà copiare il "codice di embed" e incollarlo all'interno del nostro sito web per renderlo da subito utilizzabile dai visitatori; Di un dispositivo fisico (come un totem o un dispositivo IoT): è l'ideale per eventi e fiere perché offre un'interazione diretta e personalizzata per gli utenti; la condivisione con un totem è semplice proprio come quella nelle pagine web; Del metaverso: grazie all'integrazione con Oculus Store è possibile arricchire l'interazione e l'apprendimento.
Sharing options for our AI Twin (web pages, totems, and the metaverse)