We are landing in Decentraland

We are officially landing in Decentraland! Now you can add your unique AI's to the Metaverse.

We are landing in Decentraland

We are officially landing in Decentraland! Now you can add your unique AI's to the Metaverse.

Can we teach  Artificial Intelligence to build and maintain the Metaverse on our behalf?
Can our own Conversational Agents live in the Metaverse to attend to our business while we are not there?

Yes we can, Memori can.

The metaverse is redefining the way we interact, play, and express ourselves in the digital realm. The need for a radical change in how we think about digital communication, and – more broadly – experiences, is unfolding before our eyes.

Decentraland is one of the most notable examples among the platforms gaining traction during this revolution. It offers an open, decentralized, and persistent space where users can choose from a virtually infinite amount of experiences and companies can experiment innovative strategies for their brands.

However, the metaverse and its various implementations are still young, very young; places like Decentraland are still figuring out how to deliver the best experiences for users and create opportunities for brands.

From this observation, we soon realized that our TwinCreator platform, designed to help organizations and developers to build sophisticated digital twins, can improve the experiences inside Decentraland by making them richer and more interactive. For this reason, we decided to start building our first integration for the metaverse.

With our digital twins landing on Decentraland, it is now possible to populate any digital space with NPC (non-playable characters) and conversational experiences, and make it more lively than ever.

The different ways to add conversations in a virtual space are almost endless. For example, while some conversations can be carried out by a tangible character, like an avatar of a shop assistant in a virtual store, others can be delivered through non-physical entities, like an off-screen narrator, or even through the buildings the user visits.

We’re also developing our own CAI (conversational AI) MIME type that, combined with NFT technology, will make conversational experiences and knowledge salable, but also ‘wearable’, like a new skin for your avatars. All digital twins are multilingual right out of the box. This means that creators can train their CAIs in their preferred language, and users can interact with them in another.

Everything happens automatically.

We truly think that this new integration will help users and companies that are creating in Decentraland to transform empty buildings and ‘ghost towns’ into interactive spaces where natural language is the go-to interface.

Decentraland is one of our first steps into the metaverse, which is still in its early days. So there’s a lot of work to do. Therefore we are creating our laboratories in different metaverses, and we are planning to launch them within 2022. We can’t wait to share what we are building.

We want to thank Daniele Ferla for his invaluable help working with our team for first digital twin integrated in Decentraland.

If you’re interested in bringing your company’s brand into the metaverse, you can contact us at info@memori.ai

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